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How to Ensure the Safety and Security of Your Documents in Business Storage

Even in a modern office, there are so many files and pieces of paperwork; it can be very easy to outgrow your current premises. Moving your entire office can be a costly and unnecessary step when you have access to commercial storage units. However, you may have concerns about how you can keep your documents safe and secure in business storage. Fortunately, Moving System is here to help.

Start Getting Organized:


Before you even start to consider commercial storage units, you need to think about preparing your documents and paperwork for business storage. It is a good idea to create a storage system so you can keep track of any document or record. This may mean having a database on your main office computer or creating an easy to use off site filing system. There are a number of record retention program examples that demonstrate a systematic review. This allows your records to be reviewed; retained or destroyed periodically. A good program will allow you to easily identify which documents or records need to be kept and which are no longer required. This will save you from simply adding to your storage unit until you end up in a mass of chaos and paper.

Prepare Your Documents for Business Storage:

It is usual to organize your documents by alphabetical order with the year and date for further detail. However, your business may require a different method of sorting. Use your current office filing system as a basis for your storage system. This saves time and also makes it easier if a member of your team needs to access a file in storage since they will know how to locate it. Once you have decided how your documents will be organized in the unit, you need to think about preparing them for your commercial storage. Paper can be susceptible to moisture and vulnerable to mold or mildew. This can be very problematic if a document needs to be retained for business purposes. Pack your documents in boxes and ensure that they are not overfilled. Remember that paperwork can be heavy, so ensure that each box is a manageable weight. Use packing paper or packing peanuts to fill each box to the top and ensure its structural integrity. Ideally, your documents should be in airtight boxes to reduce the risk of moisture. It is also a good idea to raise the boxes from the ground, so consider installing shelving in your unit.

Choose the Right Commercial Storage Facility:

Finally, you need to seek out the right commercial storage unit. You won’t feel confident about your business storage if you choose a site that has minimal security and is in a bad neighborhood. While you may only be storing paperwork, would be thieves don’t know what is in your unit until they break in. Fortunately, Moving System is here to help you choose the right commercial storage units. We can evaluate your specific needs and connect you with companies who are highly regarded in the industry. If you do need help with business storage or moving storage, speak to a member of our team, we would be delighted to help.

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