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Unbelievable Tips & Tricks from Professionals Packers and Packing Services

Most people consider packing to move to be a real pain. It is time consuming, and many people lack the confidence that their items will be safe during the journey to their new home. Fortunately, Moving System is here to help. We can not only connect you with packing services, but also allow you to benefit from the expertise of professional packers with these tips and tricks.

Take Inspiration From Nesting Dolls:


Most of us are familiar with those cute Russian nesting dolls. They’ve been around since the 19th century and can be an inspiration for solving your packing problems. Using inspiration from nesting dolls, you can use fewer boxes and still keep everything neat and tidy. Professional packers often use this technique as some items can be used to protect more delicate things inside the same box. You may have already done this to some degree by stacking your cups, bowls or pans inside each other. However, when packing to move, it can be taken much further. This principle can be applied to anything that can fit inside something else. Even an oddly shaped piece could hold smaller items. For example, why carry an empty crib, when it could be used to carry all of your child’s stuffed toys and diapers. In fact, any small, unbreakable item can be put into any sized container.

Take an Eastern Approach:

The Japanese culture has given us some amazing artwork, and it can provide a fantastic approach for packing to move. For example, rolling is a common theme in Japanese cuisine, but it can be applied to packing. In fact, professional packers often roll rugs, curtains, blankets, clothes and other items. This not only saves creasing and fold lines, but items can occupy as much as 50% less space when they are rolled rather than folded. Another interesting technique is Furoshiki. In ancient times, people didn’t have plastic bags or cardboard boxes to carry their belongings. Instead, they used Furoshiki. Simply put, this is a type of bundle. A wrapping cloth is used to envelop the items, keeping them neatly contained inside. While this makes for attractive gift wrapping, it is also used by packing services. Create a pouch with a sheet or several layers of items, place smaller items inside and secure it into a bundle. This will keep things secure, minimize creases and be a more flexible container that can fit around other boxes in the moving truck.

Go Out of the Box:

Finally, think outside of the box and recognize that not everything needs to be packed in a standard box. You can use a variety of bags to transport more awkwardly shaped or unusual items. There are all sorts of bags that can be useful when you are packing to move including vacuum sealed bags, Ziploc baggies, and garbage bags. While bags won’t provide the protection of a box, they are flexible and can fit in smaller spaces. If you are worried about packing to move, speak to the Moving System team. We can connect you with packing services and reputable companies with professional packers.

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