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Questions You Should Ask From Free Online Moving Quotes

These days, it has never been easier to get free online moving quotes. It appears that almost every company offers an online moving quote, but this can make choosing the right company even more challenging. Here are some questions you should be asking when you obtain moving companies quotes to ensure that you get the right service.

Is This a Binding Quote?


Generally, free online moving quotes are not binding. This means that it is only a rough estimate of the charges, which means that it could be more on the moving day. Before committing to an online moving quote, it is important to speak to the company and determine if they can provide a “not to exceed” or binding quote, so you know how much you can expect to pay.

Are Additional Charges Included?

Every move has unique characteristics, and these requirements may attract additional charges. Unfortunately, many moving companies quotes fail to include these in a quote. There may be some detail in the very small print that extra charges are not included. However, this could mean that your quote rapidly increases when flight charges, parking fees, fuel, storage costs and additional premiums for awkward items or appliances are included.

Will My Belongings Be Transferred?

In the case of a long distance or interstate move, moving companies may transfer your shipment to another vehicle or consolidate it with another load. This is to reduce costs, but it will mean that your belongings will receive extra handling, increasing the risk of damage or loss. It is a good idea to know in advance if your belongings will be transferred, so you can make arrangements for additional insurance protection.

What Level of Insurance is Included?

Speaking of insurance, you also need to know what level of cover is being offered with the free online moving quotes. In order to appear competitive, many online moving quote providers will only include basic cover in the price. Unfortunately, basic cover is not usually sufficient for an average home move. It usually only provides coverage of approximately 60 cents for each pound. This will be insufficient for higher value items including televisions, electronics and other gadgets that fill the modern home. Most companies do offer upgraded insurance including full liability, but it does cost more. So, you need to check whether basic cover or a more comprehensive level of protection has been quoted.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

Although many people still consider cash as king, it can present problems. If your mover only accepts cash, you should be wary. Once you have given a cash deposit, you have very minimal protection, should the company turn out to be a scam or cease trading. However, if you pay by credit card, your credit card company can provide you with some protection against fraud or loss. At Moving System, we aim to remove the hassle from getting free online moving quotes. We can evaluate your needs and provide moving companies quotes based on your specific circumstances, You can be assured that we only match our clients with reputable companies for greater reassurance than any online moving quote.