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Moving Special Items: How to Move With Your Cat

Cats can be very sensitive who don’t really appreciate change. Your cat is likely to be very territorial about your home, rubbing itself all over to set boundaries and define their turf. This means that when you decide to move home, it can be a challenge. Fortunately, Moving System has expertise in moving special items including pets and can provide you with the help you need.

Before the Move:


Your cat is likely to pick up on the vibe that you are thinking about moving. They will have taken note of unfamiliar realtors and other people who may have visited in preparation for a move. This can create anxiety in your little furry pal, so it will need some special attention before the move. The main thing you can do for your cat before a move is to try to keep the usual routine unchanged. Try to maintain the usual play and feeding schedule. It is also a good idea to take your cat for a checkup at the vet. Your vet can ensure that your cat is in good health and also suggest if you need to take any anti anxiety measures. Finally, you can take this opportunity to request copies of your pet’s medical records you may need if you will be changing vet offices. Finally, your cat will also need adequate identification, just in case, they do wander off either during or after the move. Ensure that microchip and collar information are up to date with your current cell phone number.


On Moving Day:

Cats are notorious for making a dash for freedom when the opportunity presents itself. This can be particularly problematic on moving day when your moving team will be in and out of the house loading your belongings onto the truck. This means that during this time your cat needs to be in a safe and secure location. Place a sign on the door to ensure that it is not opened inadvertently, allowing the cat to escape. It is a good idea to make time to periodically check on her and provide her with some comfort and reassurance. Ensure that the room she is confined in contains her food, water, bed and litter tray, in addition to her favorite toys for maximum comfort. Try to minimize the amount of time your cat will be in a carrier. Even if the cat is used to the carrier, she is likely to get distressed by all the movement and changes happening around her. When it’s time to load her into the car, ensure the carrier is locked and secure it with a seat belt to prevent sliding around. Use your car stereo to play soothing music, but don’t overlook the reassuring quality of your voice.

When You Arrive:

Once you are at your new home, there is likely to still be a little chaos as the movers bring your belongings into the house. Appliance movers may be using a dolly to wheel heavy items into the home, so don’t be tempted to allow your cat loose. In addition to being a trip hazard, she may make a dash for freedom from the unfamiliar surroundings. Instead confine her to a room with fresh water, her litter tray, food, and bed. Ensure that the room is secure with a temporary sign on the door. Place the carrier on the floor and open it. Your cat may enjoy the familiarity of the carrier, so don’t be too worried if they are not in the mood for eating or drinking just yet. Try to unpack as quickly as possible, so you can get down to helping your kitty settle into your new home. If you do need to move special items, you should speak to Moving System. We can evaluate your specific needs and match you with professional moving experts. Our database contains a wide range of companies from appliance movers to specialists in transporting unusual items. We would be delighted to help you.

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