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Moving FAQs: Should You Self Pack or Use Full Packing Services

For many people, moving costs are a major consideration during a relocation. However, does this mean that you should save a few dollars by self packing? A full packing service provides a number of benefits, and one of the most common moving FAQs is should you self pack. Fortunately, Moving System is here to help you benefit from our expertise.

The Challenges of Self Packing:


Look at any moving FAQs page, and you are likely to see questions about packing. Many people assume that self packing is the most straightforward and cost effective solution, but this may not be the case, There are a number of challenges of self packing that could influence your decision. While it may appear that you can save on your moving costs by self packing, you may struggle to purchase the best moving supplies. Professional packing services include all the materials, so you don’t need to worry about buying anything. Another challenge of self packing is the time it takes to pack up a full household. It is not likely that you regularly pack up belongings, so you may be a little rusty since last time you moved home. On the other hand, professional packers are packing items each and every day. They have developed skills, expertise, and techniques to pack in the most efficient manner possible. In fact, many professional packing teams can have a whole house packed up in less than a few hours. If your move is not under a strict deadline, you may have the time to pack things carefully, but if not, you may find that your time is better spend on other areas of your move.

The Benefits of Professional Packers:

There are a number of benefits associated with using a professional packing service. As mentioned above it saves you time when you are busy organizing other aspects of your move, but there are other considerations. In the hands of professionals, you are likely to find that there is less risk of breakage or damage. Professional packers have the materials and skills to ensure that all your items are packed for maximum protection. They are also well aware of the potential risks and common problems of moving and can compensate for this. This means that you can have greater peace of mind that your delicate items and electronic equipment are in good hands on their way to your new home. Additionally, a full packing service ensures that there is full liability for your belongings. While many companies may limit insurance coverage for self packed items, they usually offer full coverage when you have used their packing services. This is because they know that any risk of breakages has been minimized, so there is less chance of a claim. If you need help with moving FAQs or any aspect of your move, speak to us here at Moving System. We can evaluate your particular needs and match you to the movers from our database of experienced professionals. This can help to minimize your moving costs without loss of protection and confidence.

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