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Everything You Need to Know About Portable & Self Storage

Whether you are planning on moving your home, or staging a property for sale or simply need to store your out of season items, portable & self storage can provide a fantastic option. Arranging storage can be a little daunting for many people, but Moving Systems can guide you through the process and explain everything you need to know.

The Convenience of Portable & Self Storage:


While there are lots of storage units available throughout the country, they tend to be located in out of the way areas. This can mean that you could end up driving for hours just to reach the facility. This is not only time consuming, but incredibly frustrating. However, portable & self storage provides remarkable convenience. Your storage container can be placed on your doorstep, so you can load it at your own pace. You can take your time ensuring that your container is packed safely and you have made the best use of the space. Once complete, you can simply schedule a pick up. This eliminates the need to pay for fuel or truck rental or waste hours loading and unloading your car.


Another great advantage of portable & self storage is that they are flexible. Since the container is placed on your property, they can be easily loaded and unloaded. There is no need to lift and carry heavy or bulky items of furniture up ramps to get them into storage. Additionally, since there is no time limit, you can experiment with the best layout for maximum storage potential.

Safety & Security:

Unlike many conventional storage units, portable & self storage can offer a high standard of safety and security. There is no need to drive your items to a remote location and trust that they will be safe. Since the container is loaded on your property, you can keep an eye on it and ensure that it is safe. Once it is loaded, you can lock up the container and have it transferred to the secure site. Since you hold the only keys to the unit, there is no worry about anyone gaining access to your container and your precious belongings.

Money Saving:

Although the cost of portable & self storage may appear to be a little higher than standard storage facilities initially, look a little closer. The container is delivered directly to your property and taken to the storage facility. These transfers are included in the price, so there is no need to pay for fuel. Mentally calculate how much it will cost to make multiple trips to fill a storage unit across town, even if you are using your own vehicle. Now add in the cost of truck rental to move appliances and larger pieces of furniture. Very quickly, you should be able to see that this type of storage is actually money saving. If you are considering portable & self storage for your move, speak to the Moving System team. We can not only connect you with reputable and professional movers but also moving and storage specialists who offer portable and door to door storage options.

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