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Moving Planner Advice: Things You Should Do Before You Move Out


Getting ready to move is stressful, and the best way to get organized is to create a moving planner. However, there are some tasks you will need to complete before moving out that you may have overlooked. So, here are some tasks you need to include on your moving checklist.

Clearing the Clutter:

When creating a checklist for moving, many people overlook how time consuming clearing clutter can be. This means that it needs to be scheduled on your moving planner as early as possible. The last thing you need is to have to make hundreds of trips to the dumpster on moving day. Clearing the clutter early will allow you to donate or sell excess items, recycling items and possibly generating a little extra cash.

Assess Your Valuables:

Moving companies will need to determine if you have valuable or special items that may require additional care and attention during the move. They may also require additional insurance coverage. So, it is a good idea to know in advance what valuable items you have to obtain a more accurate moving quote.

Pack Your Furniture:

While many people think of packing boxes to prepare for a move, they rarely consider their furniture. However, furniture can be vulnerable to damage, particularly surfaces, legs and other protruding items. If you want to avoid damage, you will need to ensure that your furniture is properly packed, which can be quite time consuming. However, many moving companies do offer packing services to take this task off your hands.

Change Address:

Although you may remember to redirect your mail, there are other service providers who need to know that you have changed address. From your vet to daycare providers, in the event of an emergency, you want to be immediately contactable. It is a good idea to write a list of organizations, professionals, and friends who need to know about your change of address. This can be included in your moving planner, so you can tick off each one as you let them know you’re moving.

Organize Your New Home:

Finally, you need to plan some time to organize your new home and ensure that it is ready for you. You will need to check that utilities have been transferred and if necessary arrange appointments for technicians to call and connect your services. If any work needs to be done, it is a good idea to complete it before you move your furniture and belongings. This gives the work crew plenty of space and eliminates the risk of your possessions being damaged. Organizing your new home in advance will mean that you can relax and settle in after the stressful process of moving. If you need help with your moving planner or any aspect of moving, speak to the Moving Systems team. We can not only provide guidance for your moving checklist, but we can evaluate your specific moving needs and match you with moving companies from our list of experienced professionals. This will ensure that your moving team has the skills and expertise to facilitate a seamless and stress free move.

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