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Door to Door Storage: The Benefits of Moving Storage


A moving and storage service can be invaluable during a home or business relocation. Door to door storage is perhaps one of the most convenient options, offering a wide range of benefits. If you are still unsure if it is the right choice for you, here, we will explore the advantages of this type of moving storage.

Time Saving:

During a move, your time is likely to be limited. You will have a myriad of tasks to complete before the move, so every moment is precious. Door to door storage eliminates the need to spend time loading up your vehicle and driving to a self storage facility. While these sites can provide moving storage, you could find yourself wasting hours loading and unloading your vehicle and driving to an out of the way facility. With a door to door moving and storage service, the container can be placed on your driveway until you have filled it before it is taken away.

Flexible Options:

In addition to saving time, you can also have flexibility in your storage options. There is no need to rush around trying to fill the container in only an hour or two. You can set your own schedule. Since the container can be secured on your property, you can pack it at your own pace. This will allow you the time to ensure that your belongings are properly and safely packed to minimize damage and optimize the space.

It’s Affordable:

Although door to door storage may appear to be more costly compared to some other forms of moving storage, you need to look a little closer. The cost of delivering and removing the container is included in the price. This means that you don’t need to hire a truck or pay for gas to ferry your item between your home and the storage unit. So before you dismiss this type of moving and storage service as out of your budget, think about all the other costs involved in other forms of storage.

Ease of Access:

One of the most challenging aspects of using storage is negotiating heavy and bulky items into the unit. This can place you at risk of damaging your items or worse suffering an injury. However, with door to door storage, not only is the container placed close to your home, but it is also on flat ground. There is no need to carry your heavy items up ramps to get it into the container. This means that even if you have awkward items such as appliances that you need to place into storage, it is easy to maneuver them into place. If you are thinking you may need moving storage during your relocation, speak to the Moving System team. We can provide access to a wide range of services including door to door storage. A member of our team will evaluate your unique needs to recommend the moving and storage service that is best suited to your requirements from our panel of established and reputable professionals.

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